A Winter Day in Williston and Watford City on the Bakken

Today and yesterday I spent the day in Williston and Watford City.  I am working on some projects in the area including housing and commercial developments.  Williston and Watford City are in the heart of the Bakken. The majority of the drilling is near Williston and Watford.  Watford City is about 45 miles south and west of Williston.  Hwy 85 is the main highway and is loaded with truck and vehicle traffic.  This year the road will be made a 4-lane section which will help make a safer drive.  Especially in the icy conditions of the winter.

The extent of the Bakken play.

The extent of the Bakken play.

This is a panorama of one of the busiest intersections in North Dakota for truck traffic, Hwy 2 and Hwy 85 which goes south to Watford City.  Non-stop traffic occupies the highway between these two oil towns.

Panorama of the intersection Hwy 2 and Hwy 85.

Williston is adding some nice housing and appealing neighborhoods.  These houses just went up.  The need for housing is still strong.  All kinds are needed from temporary work-force housing, apartments, and single family homes.

Appealing single family homes in nice neighborhoods are coming to Williston.

Watford City is also showing lots of growth.  Apartments, hotels, work-force housing, and single family homes.

Apartments being built in Watford City.

Sights like this are common on the road between Williston and Watford City.

Transfer facility between Watford City and Williston.

One of the many truck stops.  These are an oasis during the long stretches of road.

Truck stop for refuel and rest. Many of these in the Bakken.

Downtown Watford City is active.  New shops and growing.

Downtown Watford. The large building on the right is new and has a fine dining restaurant, movie theater, nice indoor courtyard, and other businesses.

Wait, who is this watching over Hwy 85?

Is that Honest Abe?

And who is this outside of Watford?

Is that the Ol’ Rough Rider himself?

The Bakken is still booming.  I expect a big construction season for infrastructure (roads, sewers, watermain, utilities, etc.), housing, commercial, offices, and industrial.

Come out to the Bakken, and be a piece of history.  We want you!

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6 thoughts on “A Winter Day in Williston and Watford City on the Bakken

  1. Glad to see housing and infrastructure is coming to Watford, Paul!

    It will make hiring qualified people to support the infrastructure much easier and employees’ lives better! I am familiar with the Alberta patch as well as the Bakken and it’s funny that you don’t think about what you need or want to live in an area until you don’t have it!

    Our office in Watford opened about 5 months ago and we look forward to being a part of the community and serving business needs!

  2. I just put a piece of property in escrow for a commercial/industrial development in Watford. I can’t tell you how excited I am! It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t been there what is going on. Truly remarkable.

  3. Nice article, Paul. Thanks for sharing the photos and thoughts.

    I will be in Watford City this week, and I think we are both staying at Bakken Residence Suites if I’m not mistaken. I would like to say hi.

    I will be on the ground looking for clients for our high-speed wireless internet company, http://www.BakkenWireless.com. Do you have any good ideas for me?

    Paul Moore
    (540) 400-1595

    • Paul, I’m not a big expert on wireless internet, but you are doing the right thing by being here. Just stop in and talk to the people you want to meet.

  4. Phase I of our development in Watford City is now open and we have 200 fully furnished private rooms available immediately. Instalodge now manages this Housing Community that will soon become Bakken’s largest full service community with over 1400 rooms proposed. We are excited to be part of the growth and proud that we can take away some of the strain on local housing. Arnegard-Watford City is a wonderful community and we are delighted to be a part of it.

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