It’s now completely safe to say that a producing well is on the way

Almost immediately after my last post the fracturing crew showed up and completed their task in less than a week.  All went as planned and the only thing left to do is place a pumping unit on top of the hole.  In fact, it may not even need one for a while considering that the well right next to it has been free flowing at 23,000 barrels per month.  All indications point to this baby being well on its way to kicking out a healthy first royalty check in about six monts.  The busy first trimester as over and now patience will be required over the next two.  Instead of a doctor the delivery will come via a postal carrier.

No need to send out announcements

When a sign such as the one below gets placed it becomes more official than ever that a financial windfall is on the way for mineral rights owners.  They can no longer deny that a financial windfall will be coming their way in about six months.

What does a fracking operation look like?

Maybe this isn’t quite what you expected, but this somewhat unorganized looking group of trucks, tanks and cranes successfully accomplished what is widely considered to be the most important stage of the overall process.


Big things really do occasionally come in small packages

Unless there are some unforseen circumstances there won’t be much to report on from this particular Bakken pad, but a financial based follow up will come early in 2013.  It’s been somewhat of a blurr so far, but now I will get the opportunitiy to cover some other aspects of the impact that the current oil boom is making on my home area.  So please look for posts in the near future that cover new topics.

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