The next stage is already here

What I very recently wrote about how could take months to happen appears to only ending up being a matter of weeks.  Almost like somebody associated with the fracturing company read my last blog post (which probably has somewhere in the area of a zero percent chance of happening) the referenced well location almost instantly began to buzz with activity.  The picture below gives one a good idea of what shows up on location leading up to the operation that is more important than the drilling of the hole itself.










What was only a bunch of patiently waiting water tanks all of the sudden got some company this week.  Components necessary to the fracking process such as frac sand and the chemicals that get sent downward with it began to methodically gather.  To begin explaining what makes this type of sand different a good place to start would be comparing it to the sand that has been used for beach volleyball competion at the London Summer Games.

It takes alot more than near perfect sand, diesel fuel, and elements of the periodic chart that are part of the crude oil freeing cocktail necessary to getting the job done.  This row of port-a-potties is perhaps all that is needed to illustrate how much manpower must also be on hand to tie the entire task together.  If only a few are involved they must have constitutions of four-year-olds or their bladders are the size of regulation size olympic table tennis balls.

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